Video is one of the most impactful tools any business or organization can use to communicate effectively with its audience. And, video reigns supreme on many major social media algorithms. This means that having the right kind of videos in your toolkit gives you a chance to effectively communicate with your target audience. Your impact goals determine the type of videos we will produce. From branded content to commercials, to documentaries, Long Winter Media excels at both strategizing and producing the right kind of video to meet your goals. Michaela and Dan have produced, edited, and delivered over 200 videos for clients including: Google, YouTube, NBC Universal, CreatorUp, University of Southern California, The Presbyterian Church (USA), Fuller Seminary, Head First Development, and more.


Clear branding allows your audience to say yes to you. But people often make the mistake of jumping straight to logos, fonts, and websites. Your brand is the collection of values, behaviors, ideas, and people your organization centers on. Communicating these deeply seeded realities is often quite difficult. Because of organizational dynamics, resources, and pressing priorities, many organizations simply do not spend enough time articulating who they are and how that adds value to their target audience. Because of this, we've developed a branding process that helps our clients articulate their narrative, audience, differentiators, and voice. Many of our clients have described our branding process as one of the most helpful processes their organization has gone through. From there, we can work to develop visual brand concept and brand assets such as logos, visual campaigns, videos, etc. 

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